The authentic fishing village of Kartong lies on the border with the Casa Manche in Senegal and is one of the first eco-villages in Gambia. Besides opportunities for relaxation, village life is very close – women with children on their backs, old and young men on bicycles, and the bush taxis transporting people and cargo to and from the river are a constant feature. There is plenty to see and do, including the famous traditional Kartong Festival which takes place next in February 2018.

Individual activities

  • Take a walk on quiet beach where you can swim, sunbathe or walk for miles.
  • Enjoy a morning visit to the daily market and find out what’s on offer.
  • Go to the sociable Hallahin river with restaurants, bar and souvenir shops for a chat with the locals or fellow tourists.
  • Make a boat trip on the Hallahin river, surrounded by mangroves, palms, and baobabs and discover the most unusual birds such as the African Anhinga, several species of kingfishers, pelicans and maybe even the palm vulture.
  • Visit the Senegalese fishing port and see the colorful fishing boats returning with their daily catch. Take a look at the fish-smoking businesses of local women.
  • On Monday or Friday morning you can visit Folonko: the Kartong’s crocodile pool with museum, and experience the some local traditions.
  • Wrap a snake over your shoulders at the reptile farm.
  • Stroll to one of the best bird habitats in the Gambia.
  • Come on one of our day trips, or participate in one of our creative workshops.