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What could be more fun to see an African film in Africa, sitting on the terrace with a drink of your hand. Or go along as we show a film on the village square in the village. We have a mobile equipment and a range of African films, starting with Djibril Diop Mambety, Sembene Ousman to the latest movies by Moussa Sene Absa from Senegal.


I am a storyteller, drawing water from the well of my culture.

Gaston Kabore, Griot of the African Cinema (interview with Michael T. Martin, 2002)

African cinema is still very young. The original oral tradition has been replaced by the movie. This makes the African film has been given a strong narrative character, coming from the “griots”, the storytellers from Africa.

By seeing African films we get a better view of the African culture and their tradition. The local population has little opportunity to see their own films. We have therefore purchased a selection of the best African Arthouse Films to exhibit Lemon Fish and in the surrounding villages.

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I am convinced that the power of culture and development is in a nation being aware of its own identity. An identity of their own can only be develop by creating and watching their own images. The African cinema is the ideal medium to do so! Who are we? What is our history? What is our future? Art and film in particular, plays an essential role in this quest. Cinema is a way of re-finding and reinforcing their own identity. After all, cinema is an attempt to show pictures of reality and a ideal form to show their own images. And apart from that: the image that us western people have of African film, gives us the best possible idea of how African people see themselves. Supporting African cinema is therefore a must.

Peter Vlam, The power of African Imagination

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